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Latest News and Announcements for ParentSquare

Announcing: Analytics Dashboard to Help Schools Measure and Improve Parent Engagement

Each year, schools invest tremendous amounts of time, energy and resources into parental involvement initiatives. It’s clear administrators and educators understand the importance of engaged parents, but driving and measuring results from those investments has been a perennial challenge – until now.

ParentSquare Software Helps Connect Classrooms

Santa Barbara-based startup ParentSquare is making a communication system that hopes to reach all parents, regardless of what kind of communication technology they have at home or what language they speak.

ParentSquare Launches App for Parent Involvement

To further it’s mission to improve communication at schools and involve every parent, ParentSquare introduced a new ‘ParentSquare’ iPhone app today. Designed to help schools reach families by whatever communication method they prefer, this app allows parents to check and respond to messages and stay on top of school and classroom activities. In addition, parents will be able to view photos, appreciate messages and sign up to volunteer and bring supplies. Available free of charge on the Apple App Store, the new app makes ParentSquare even easier to use.

ParentSquare is an online platform for schools that helps manage parent participation

Designed for whole-school adoption and for the adults who are important to students’ learning lives – parents, teachers, principals, staff and parent leaders, ParentSquare helps create a vibrant collaborative school community and family engagement in fostering children’s learning in and outside of school. ParentSquare takes care of the mashed bundle of papers at the bottom of a student’s backpack and remembering to check websites to see if they were updated.

ParentSquare Creates a Virtual Conversation Starter for Parents and Teachers

“It takes a village to raise a child and ParentSquare is where the village meets,” Fisk said. The goal is to foster communication and encourage parents to get involved at the preschool and elementary level, so they’re prepared to help their children for the rest of their K-12 careers when there’s less individual attention, she said.