Preserve the Peabody Experience Campaign 2017//Campana Preservar La Experiencia De Peabody 2017

Preserve the Peabody Experience - Donate NOW!

What is the heart and soul of Peabody Charter School?

Parent involvement.  A nurturing environment.  A culture of giving. A commitment to educate the whole child.

Preserve the Peabody Experience [PPE] is the annual fundraising campaign that has allowed Peabody to maintain small class sizes and additional credentialed teachers at each grade level; technology in the classroom; art, movement, theater and PE; and campus enhancements.

The future of Peabody and the education of each child is at risk if we do not step up and continue our culture of giving. PPE is a parent and family endeavor, and an embedded, critical part of the school budget. Please continue to join in this effort to ensure an outstanding experience for every child at Peabody School.

We ask that you consider a tax-deductible contribution of at least $1,000 per child (which translates into $83 per month or a coffee a day!), or at any level possible. Contributions can be paid now or in monthly installments April 2017-March 2018.

EVERY contribution matters. EVERY student benefits.  

Please join us for the special “PPE Kick-off Day” on Friday, April 14, with coffee and cinnamon rolls for all who pledge and/or donate.  With so much at stake for our children’s education, we hope that we can count on you to contribute to Preserve the Peabody Experience!